Hinkley Point C Reactor at Bridgewater

Customer/Client: Hinkley Point C reactor at Bridgewater. – Dean Smith, Project manager

Reason for project: During the creation of a Visitor Centre to showcase the new Hinkley Point C Reactor, we were asked to provide 2no. 2 metre diameter hanging canopies which were to house projectors within them.  We quickly realised that we would need a solution to give more stability to the hanging canopies than we had at first expected.

We required Metafabs to manufacture and supply a steel support structure to support 2no. 2 metre diameter hanging canopies.  This was a time sensitive instruction because it was a late addition to the project and, therefore, required a quick turnaround.  The project provided us with a number of issues which had to be overcome, the first of these was the building remaining open whilst we worked and the second related to access issues through a single, standard height door, across a paved courtyard….and it is a grade 1 listed site!


The Challenge:

One of the greatest challenges was to get the stability required for the canopies with limited fixing points due to the nature of the grade 1 listing, these would require careful selection and approval. The canopies would house projectors which required less than 0.5mm deflection to work correctly requiring a large stable structure but with minimal interference to the building.


The Outcome:

Michael came to site on a number of occasions to discuss our options and aid in the design of the structure which proved to be invaluable. Metafab were then able to provide lifting equipment which would lift the steel work into place and also a platform which would allow them to overcome a particularly difficult problem with safe access to a fixing position inside a duct area which had us all scratching our heads! Access into the building was overcome by them creating a simple sectional build as well as changing the wheels of their trolleys used, to non-marking and ply sheeting the work area to protect the listed flooring. A late change of measurement on one section due to the nature of the buildings structure was overcome with no drama and almost overnight.

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